Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Defending Your Ingress Portal

You put a lot of effort into capturing your portals you don't want them falling into enemy hands. So you need to protect them.

Here's what you can do to protect your portals.

  • Deploy Portal Shields - There are 3 varieties of Portal Shields
    • Common - These have bright pastel green markings and are easy to find but they offer the least protection
    • Rare - These have pastel purple markings and are relatively easy to find but they offer moderate protection
    • Very Rare - These have bright pastel pinkish-purple markings and are more difficult to find but they offer the greatest protection
    • Each portal can hold up to 4 portal shields
  • Keep your Resonators charged!
    • The greater your charge your Resonators have the more resilient to an attack they will be.
    • Also, charge the Resonators for your faction's portals when you hack them. 
    • Remember, if you have the Portal Key for a particular portal you can charge it remotely.
  • Defend your portal when attacked
    • When your portal goes under attack and you loose a Resonator you will receive an email. If you are able, this is a great time to remotely recharge your Resonators. 

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