Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Attacking Portals in Ingress

Here's something I wish I knew earlier about attacking enemy portals and firing XMP Bursters in +Ingress.

You are not attacking the portal itself. You are actually attacking the resonators which are powering the portal. So here is the best strategy for attacking a portal.  Your XMP Burster have a limited range and the further away you are from the portal the less damage the burst does to the resonator. The resonator you are closest to will sustain the most damage, but as an added bonus the surrounding resonators will also incur damage.

Tips for attacking enemy portals.
  • Do your homework.
    • Look at the resonators
      • What level are they?
      • How fully are they charged?
      • Where are they "physically" located?
      • Are they accessible?
  • For individual play
    • Go to the most fully charged resonator of the highest level that you can get directly over/on
    • Fire your highest level XMP Bursters you have available.
    • Repeat as necessary
    • Once the resonator is destroyed, use your scanner again to find the next most fully charged highest level resonator.
    • Once again start by firing your highest level XMP Burster when you are at the resonator.
    • Repeat until all resonators are destroyed.
  • For team play
    • The team member with the highest level XMP Bursters that they can use target the most fully charged resonator 
    • Other team members go to the next resonators relative to the most powerful XMP Bursters they have available to the most fully charged of the highest level
    • I suggest firing sequentially and waiting until the previous person confirms the damage recorded before the following person firing. 
      • The reason I say this is the speed and capability of some phone/networks can create additional delay in getting the damage. If you do not fire sequentially as I mentioned the team member with the faster phone/network may waste XMP Bursters and energy firing multiple times before the next person can fire. The residual energy from your teammates can cause enough damage to reduce your need to fire. Not all people agree with this, but I believe it holds true. 
    • This strategy may require reshuffling of the team at their positions. Say I am a level 6 with dozens of level 6 XMP Bursters. I destroy my resonator, but still have the most higher level bursts. I should then go to the resonator that is now the most fully charged of the highest level and the other team members should regroup accordingly. This should be done every time a resonator is destroyed. It will help ensure the quickest and most efficient destruction of resonators. 
Thanks for reading, come back for more tips!

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