Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Quit Your Bitching!

Of the many people, places and things I follow on G+ I also follow +NIA Ops. You get some good information on game updates, portals of the week and more. But since I follow them I also see all of these ridiculous #PortalAppeals.

People if your portal is rejected get over it. The vast majority of them can be answered by looking at the Portal Submission Guidelines.

If you think it qualifies as a valid portal just resubmit it.

Here's a portal of a church I submitted but got rejected. I figured it was because of poor picture quality, so I was going to go resubmit it the next time I was in the area. But before I even made it there it was accepted without an appeal.

And another thing stop referring to the folks that approve/deny portals as "portal approval monkeys" or likewise, they're just doing their job. Have some respect.

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