Friday, July 26, 2013

Mid-level Player Player Strategy

So you're a level 4, 5 or 6 agent and want to continue to advance, but it's your finding it hard to. Don't give up.

First, hack, hack, hack! Build that inventory - especially XMP Bursters. At this level your bursters aren't powerful enough to do massive damage to portals your level or higher, so you need to rely on quantity. You will also need a source of XM. So if you are not hacking in a portal rich environment, you will want to make sure you have some power cubes. Hack, for a few days then plan your attack. When you think you have enough items, keep on hacking.

Second, do your research! Get on the +Ingress  Intel Map and take a look at what you have available and what makes a promising target.

Here's what I look for.

  1. A portal which is my level or lower. I might do one level higher if the portal is weak
  2. Links - The more the better. Links do not have any bearing on the portal's defensive strength, just points for you. You get 187 AP for each link you destroy.
  3. Control Fields - Like links the more the better and they don't have anything to do with the portal's defensive strength. You get 750 AP for each control field you destroy.
Here is an example of a portal I'd want to attack as a level 6.
  • Level 5 Portal
  • 5 Links
  • 4 Control Fields

Attacking and flipping this portal would give you 6285 AP
  • Destroying 8 resonators at 75 AP each       = 600 AP
  • Destroying 5 links at 187 AP Each             = 935 AP
  • Destroying 4 control fields at 750 AP each = 3000 AP
  • Deploying 8 resonators at 125 AP each      = 1000 AP
  • Capturing a portal                                      = 500 AP
  • Fully charging a portal                                = 250 AP
This gives you the most bang for your buck.

Here's an example of a portal which is weaker and I might consider for a L3 or even a L@ with a lot of resonators and the ability get more XP through other nearby portals or through power cubes.

Here's a screen shot of a portal I attacked that had 13 links and 8 control fields attached to it. I got 10781 AP for:

Work smarter not harder my friends! This will make your leveling up happen a lot quicker, but does require some planning on your part.

Happy Hacking!

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