Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sitting on the sideline

You haven't seen any posts from me in awhile.

A few weeks ago I had my car broken into and the SOB's stole my cell phone. Grrrr....

So frustrating because while yes, I had an earlier post about wanting a new phone and waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S4, I wanted a phone in the meantime.

I've gone from someone completely addicted and dependent on my smart phone to someone who now has a standard phone. Luckily in the back of my closet I had an OLD, OLD , OLD standard cell phone that for some reason I never traded in or donated. Even more amazingly, I still had the charger too.

I did go ahead and pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S4 from Verizon. When I receive it I will give a full review of it as a scanner. Verizon has said they will be releasing it by the end of the month.

But back to my car being broken int, there were more and other items in my car of greater value that they didn't touch. Very strange. Also they did not use it once they got it for calls or text, but I did have a high amount of data usage after I last used it and before it got shut off.

Maybe they hacked a nearby portal for me and leveled up???

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